Squeamish Factory firmano con Overdub Recordings

Overdub Recordings è lieta di annunciare l’entrata degli Squeamish Factory nel proprio roster. La band propone un originale ... [Read more]

Lightpole Firmano Per Overdub

Sabato 28 Aprile al Csa Sisma di Macerata i Lightpole presenteranno “Dusk”, il nuovo album in uscita questa estate per Overdub ... [Read more]

Immelmann esordio su Overdub Recordings

  E’ previsto per questo inverno l’esordio discografico dei vicentini Immelmann. La band ha appena firmato con Overdub ... [Read more]

Video premiere Søndag ”Viper”

  Søndag presents their new video for the song, ”Viper”. The song is taken from from the band’s new album, ”Bright Things ... [Read more]

Søndag UK Tour!

// UK TOUR ANNOUNCEMENT // We are really glad to announce our first United Kingdom tour! We’ll be on the road again from April 13th to ... [Read more]

Bioscrape “Scraping Tour 2017”

  I Bioscrape non si fermano e proseguono la promozione dal vivo dell’ultima fatica discografica “Psychologram”. Nasce così ... [Read more]


  • Søndag

    The “Søndag” project was born in Piacenza from the ashes of Edema band in mid-2015. The band started as a duo with Riccardo Lovotti at drums and Marcello Lega at 8- ... [Read more]

  • Glory Of The Supervenient

    Glory Of The Supervenient is a project by Milan based drummer Andrea Bruzzone. At the beginning of 2015 he began the writing process of the songs that will be part of the outcoming ... [Read more]


    Let It Slide is a punk rock band from Italy. The project started in 2009 and blends the Californian punk rock attitude with the scratchy impact of a certain kind of alternative ... [Read more]

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    The need on the part of Worm Hole Death, one of the most important and long-living recording labels in the heavy-metal European scene and beyond, to explore wider musical territories leads to the ... [Read more]

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