Overdub Recordings is an alternative rock label.

The need on the part of Worm Hole Death, one of the most important and long-living recording labels in the European scene and beyond, to explore wider musical territories leads to the birth of Overdub Recordings.

My wide-ranging experience of over 10 years in the recording industry, as A&R and product manager in several records and of Worm Hole Death itself have led me to widen my horizons.

I have tried to concentrate my energies and resources in the creation of a new project capable of supporting apparently different realities having the same spirit, aptitude and strong coherence.

My purpose is to go against the flow in an ever more confused and chaotic market to develop recording projects and more.
The aim of the label is to support highly talented music bands with a determined and motivated attitude, and also the development of projects that can be immediately identified from a musical and communicative point of view.

In an historic moment when the majority of recording labels tend to concentrate mainly on the commercial side of the music business, Overdub is interested in producing and promoting real talents.

We are conscious that only the patience and the interest in creating a life-long path in the development of their art can bring to long-lasting results.

“Overdub Recordings is partner of Worm Hole Death”