Glory Of The Supervenient


Glory Of The Supervenient is a project by Milan based drummer Andrea Bruzzone.
At the beginning of 2015 he began the writing process of the songs that will be part of the outcoming album.

The goal was to merge the various musical genres that have served as his inspiration in recent years, into a single original point of view.
The result is a free encounter of rock/metal, electronica, jazz, and some contemporary minimalism shades.
New-progressive is probably the best way to classify this musical mixture.

Around september 2015 Andrea recorded the drum parts in sudio while Angelo “Otus Dei” Girardello (The Queen Bled Acid) handled the tracking of  both bass and guitar.
All the other instruments are programmed virtual instruments carefully treated in studio by Mauro Scarfia (Rosewood Basement Productions) in a long sound design process, who also handled the mix of all tacks.
The mastering was made by Acle Kanhey (TesseracT) at 4D sounds in Brighton, UK.
G.O.T.S. has now a complete line up featuring  Mauro on electronics and Giulio Stromendo (Progenesi) on Keys.
The band is ready to perform this new music on stage and to become a landmark of a new wave of creative instrumental music.
The album will be released in the autumn 2016 under Overdub Recordings and internationally distributed via Code7/PHD.