Let It Slide is a punk rock band from Italy.

The project started in 2009 and blends the Californian punk rock attitude with the scratchy impact of a certain kind of alternative rock.

– In 2009, Let It Slide take part in the filming of “Un sogno serio”, a film produced by 3lire Film, which tells the story about Albinoleffe F.C. intertwined with dreams of the inhabitants of the Seriana Valley; In the film they are shot while playing “Risveglio (Lotta)” during a live show.

– In May 2010 they released “Venom” their first EP, and start to play live shows to promote the album, getting a good response from the public.
In the same year they signed for My Own Poison, a punk rock / rock n roll label Bergamo.

– In 2011 the band starts to record “Mi Vida”, the first song of the album that will be published in 2012.
The next tour takes them to stop in various parts of Italy: from Melzo in Baselga di Pine ‘(TN), the “Balla coi cinghiali” Festival of Savona, in Brescia, in Emilia Romagna, performing abroad: in Belgium ( Eeenergem B52) and at Fiddler’s Elbow -Camden Town (London-UK).

– In early 2012 Mattia joined the band as the new drummer. The band begins to write new songs and records a new single (Florentio – available on Amazon / iTunes), and in June they make a tour that sees them performing live shows in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Poland and Czech Republic.

– From early 2013 the three guys begins to work on new songs.
After spending some months writing new songs, alternating with some live performance, and preproductions in 2014, then finally in the summer of 2015 the guys record the new album at the Goes At Hella Rec. Leffe Studio (BG), for which the mix and mastering have being cared by Riccardo Daga at Titans Lab in Ferrara(FE).
The issues told in the new songs are mostly related to love, introspective lyrics, about making peace with your past and leaving it behind to start again.
No coincidence that the title chosen is “A small step forward”.
The album will be released in autumn 2016 by Overdub Recordings and Code7 / PHD