Moonshine Booze


The Moonshine Booze are born in the summer of 2014 from a project by Andrea Manila (voice), Emiliano Zapata (guitar) and Fabio Manchos (drums) who, after having worked the music scenefor over twenty years in various bands in Italy and The States, gathered and relaborated experiencesfrom different musical genres.The initial idea was to put on a lineup of classic covers from Johnny Cash to Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Little Walter and J.B. Leinor, completely rearranged, but still preserving the rude and crude grooves of their roots. After a few years playing in local dingy bars, and developing an innate connection with live improv, Moonshine Booze shaped and solidified their sound. A sound influenced by memorable artists such as The Rolling Stones, The Clash, The Who, Jimi Hendrix, Tom Waits and The Allman Brothers Band.

With M.B. we find a sound of an Alt-Indie Rock nature with bizarre variations; a twisted and cynical mixture of Spaghetti-Rock dipped in Bluesy tones.

The idea was so tempting as to push the Moonshine Booze to isolate themselves in the studio for more than three months to write, record and

complete their debut album “Desert Road”.

The debut album gets   immediate and excellent feedback  from critics and international media, expecially in North and South America.

In the summer of 2019 they venture back to the studio to record a new album: “Pandemonio”

After the publication of the first two singles; “The Tide” & “The Hole”, each of them followed by a suggestive and grotesque video, on the 15th of January 2021, Moonshine Booze new album “Pandemonio” sees the light.

The record is published by “Overdub Recordings”, and distributed throughout Europe, in digital and in physical format, via code 7/Plastich Head.

Pandemonio is characterized by classic elements and balanced rhythms.

The project shows hard work and care in the choosing of the sound, and the retro style arrangements inject colour to all 15 songs.

The tracks have been placed in a specific order, to form one linear journey. The rough, electric and sharp sound of the album reaffirms its visionary matrix and extravagant nature.