Bright Things


“Bright Things” has come into the world after a year of sound experiments, always looking for a compact and distinctive sound. The inspirations come from the need to mix very “low modern rock metal tunings” with something more dated, to form a blend of classical and contemporary rock sounds.
The artistic concept behind the album communicates life moments of difficulties and uncertainties, which mixed with the energy that is unleashed from the tracks, generates a particular contrast between lyrics and music.



1. Sweet
2. Back In Town
3. Polite Rebel
4. Viper
5. Wax
6. Bright Things
7. Leftover
8. Spitfire
9. Time Has Come


– Recorded & Mixed By Riccardo Demarosi
– Mastered by Alan Douches @ West West Side (USA)


Official Videoclips:



Sondag – Bright Things (Overdub Recordings)

>>Søndag – Bright things

Søndag – Bright Things – Recensione

Søndag – Bright Days

RECENSIONE: Søndag – Bright Things

Søndag – Bright Things

Søndag aime tout ce qui brille

RECENSIONE: SØNDAG / Bright Things – Ivano Rossato

SØNDAG “Bright Things”

Unsigned and Unholy: Hyborian, Wolf King, Søndag

Søndag – Bright Things

SØNDAG: “Volevamo provare cose nuove”,31446.html